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Sunbridge Expert Cultist Deck
Sunbridge (1 player, Expert)
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Lefuan (
Budget Deck only 3 rares: Mana wing + Scythe fiends + Cultistmaster T1- Mana wings + Shamans T2- Scythe Fiend T3- Cultist master T4- Giant wyrm + Rifle cultist Buildings: Utility: Infected tower + Breeding grounds + Furnace of flesh Defense: Necroblaster + Healing Garden Spells: Utility - Undead army + Offering CC - Curse of oink Heals - Surge of light + Equilibrium + Regrowth Combos: Rifle cultist + Undead Army + scythe fiend -> Teleport other side map Rifle cultist + Offering -> Recharge Giant wyrms Cultist master + Necroblaster -> Charge towers for defense Cultist master + Furnace of flesh -> Refund void mana to mana pool Cultist master + Infected tower -> Limited army of 120 broken to infinite All others things can see directly on replay, not mistery.
Lefuan (
,11.2 APM)

Mana Wing

(Upg:3 Used:6x)


(Upg:3 Used:6x)

Surge of Light

(Upg:3 Used:5x)

Cultist Master

(Upg:3 Used:8x)


(Upg:3 Used:7x)

Furnace of Flesh

(Upg:3 Used:1x)

Breeding Grounds

(Upg:3 Used:2x)

Healing Gardens

(Upg:3 Used:2x)

Giant Wyrm

(Upg:3 Used:13x)

Infected Tower

(Upg:2 Used:3x)

Rifle Cultists

(Upg:3 Used:7x)

Curse of Oink

(Upg:3 Used:2x)

Scythe Fiends

(Upg:3 Used:2x)

Undead Army

(Upg:3 Used:1x)


(Upg:3 Used:7x)


(Upg:3 Used:14x)


(Upg:3 Used:4x)